“Aging In Place Opportunities For The Coming Year”

As this couple enjoys a happy moment in front of their forever home, and after coming through the recent months, they may be pondering some changes to make to their home for the foreseeable future.


Where we have been

In looking back over the past nearly two years, we have made remarkable progress in several areas. We have dealt with a variety of challenging circumstances and come out on top. We have persevered and grown.

In early 2020, almost no one could have foreseen what was going to happen with a general shutdown of life as we knew it – being able to leave our homes and go to the public places we were accustomed to visiting (work, school, parks, movies, restaurants, ball games, gyms, clubs and other entertainment, or even taking a plane to travel where we needed to go).

So, our homes took on an added dimension and value for us.

Looking ahead

As we put the finishing touches on 2021, with all that we have encountered and the various adjustments that were necessary to make, we look ahead to 2022 – not precisely sure how to prepare for what we are going to find. Will the coronavirus finally be put behind us, will a new strain surface that needs to be addressed, will recent patterns of behavior (social distancing, mask wearing, sterilizing surfaces frequently, hand washing, and staying home more) become the new norm?

How comfortable or awkward might we feel in the public arena or going into peoples’ homes – or having our clients willingly open their doors to us to be in their homes? Everything may return to the way things were in 2019, or we may have a permanent reset. We won’t know yet.

Jumping right in

Regardless of whether some of us need to be a little guarded or cautious in how we want to re-enter the marketplace after having a limited presence over the past several months, or we are ready to get back to work with as nearly normal conditions as possible (accounting for the way people’s perceptions of their environment and daily activities may have changed), 2022 means that most of us will be back in business and ready to serve our clients and meet their needs.

As people have been spending much more time in their homes over the past almost two years, they have had an opportunity to determine things that work surprisingly well for them and other areas they would like to fix, adjust, or renovate. Now, we have the opportunity to help them do just that. There should be a heightened demand for our services in the near term.

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