“Aging In Place Means Living In The Same Place”

Aging in place means enjoying each other and the comfortable setting where we find ourselves – knowing that we will not need to look for another dwelling to accommodate our needs as we get older.


We already have a home

When we speak of aging in place, we are talking about someone remaining in their current home indefinitely – really as long as they live. They have their home now – to the extent that it is safe, comfortable, convenient, and accessible for their needs and abilities. They don’t need to find another unless the present home is presenting too many challenges that can’t be rectified easily, reasonably, or inexpensively.

Mostly, people don’t need to search for, locate, or even consider finding another home in which to age in place because they already have a place to live. Some homes are going to work better for people’s current and longer-term needs than others, but we have the ability to create solutions for people if their homes aren’t working as well for them as they would like.

A new residence is not needed

While the proverbial axiom of the grass being greener on the other side might create a desire to search for other housing options – independent or congregate, the fact is that most people can continue living where they are for the remainder of their lives.

Aging in place presupposes that we stay where we are right now – that a move to another home to begin aging in place from that point is not needed or even recommended.

A move is disruptive

One of the key benefits of aging in place is remaining in the same home forever. There is no need to move and no need to prepare for or plan for such a move. There is no disruption in one’s daily activities by getting ready to relocate or stressing over what type of new residence to select.

Rather than getting one’s things in order (all of those papers, books, collectibles, and just general “stuff”) to relocate them to a new address, the same amount of energy and attention could be directed to organizing those items and culling many of them to a achieve more manageable amount to retain over the coming years.

There is a real sense of peace and continuity in going to bed each night and getting up the next morning in the same home and knowing that this process will continue. Only when there are extenuating reasons for not remaining in one’s current home should a different residence be considered. After all, aging in place means staying put.

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