“Doing Aging In Place Renovations Without A Sledgehammer”

Remodeling and renovation can take on many forms and be quite simple to more extensive, depending on what needs to be done and the size of the budget. Nevertheless, a sledgehammer may not be needed.

Respecting the client’s property

Aging in place renovations can be quite simple, involving only an item or two. They can be more complex as well, involving an entire room or more. Nevertheless, the demolition we perform to get the space ready for the next step must be done respectfully.

It’s not our living space so we may be inclined to think that it doesn’t really matter how careful, noisy, or messy we are in removing what existed so that we can get started with replacing it. We are primarily interested in getting the job done. However, the client can be emotionally impacted and injured if we disrespect their space.

They may not be present as we are doing the demo, but if they are, we definitely need to be mindful of their feelings. They agreed to have the work done, but they didn’t necessarily expect that we would make a mess or dishonor their property.

Time for a change

The client will have engaged us to help them because they recognize the need for an improvement – in the kitchen or bath, primarily. Still, taking a sledgehammer to countertops, fixtures, flooring, and cabinets can be emotionally hurtful for them – especially if they have suffered the loss of a loved one in this space at some time. They want to have happy memories and not witness the scene of those memories destroyed or disrespected in front of them.

While using a sledgehammer may be the quickest way to remove large sections of material, it can be noisy and destructive. Prybars and other tools (screwdrivers, rachets/sockets, or claw hammers, for instance) may do just as well and be far less noisy and obtrusive.

Many items can be unscrewed or unbolted from where they are mounted and then carted away. They may still have life in them for another user. A sledgehammer will provide a relatively quick solution to removing installed materials, but a quieter, more respectful way of detaching the existing items will impress the client and make clean-up easier as well.

Renovations don’t need to be major

The reason we do home renovations, repairs, and improvements for our clients to help them use their space more effectively and safely. We want them to age in place well, and we can be the catalyst for that.

Many renovations or fixes are going to require relatively simple changes or installations. Removing large sections of the space to make it ready to receive the new improvements won’t be necessary in many cases. Therefore, a sledgehammer approach generally won’t be something we think of initially.

Home fixes come in many sizes, styles, price points, and looks. We are the magicians who are able to transform what was for what the space can be.

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