“Celebrating A Full Year Of Successful Online CAPS Classes”

Online classes accommodate a range of abilities and needs. Regardless of anyone’s physical requirements, caregiving responsibilities, learning challenges, and time zones differences, they can attend equally well.

No longer an experiment

It began in the second quarter of 2020 as a way of continuing to deliver the Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) classes when the traditional method of delivering the educational programs was seriously interrupted. The long-time way of presenting the classes in-person at various locations around the country was indefinitely paused. The solution became offering online classes, and this has transitioned from an interim measure to a permanent way of teaching and providing the education.

Online classes are no longer an experiment to see if they will work or what the public acceptance might be. They are a hit and extremely productive. There are dozens of reasons that people like taking the classes online rather than making the arrangements necessary to attend them in person someplace.

We are happy with this format and the way that people can take the classes, engage each other, and embrace the information. It provides greater freedom in how and when someone can attend.

The format is very accommodating

Unlike in-person classes where there are a lot of arrangements to make in advance, online classes are so much more flexible and accommodating. Unless the in-person class is held locally or within a short distance drive, there is purchasing an airline ticket and staying in a hotel for a few nights plus all of the other traveling arrangements to make.

With the online classes, people can accommodate their schedules more readily and easily, and more people can attend. As a result, people from a wide geographic area – across the US, plus Canada and many other countries – can and have attended at any given time. The main inconvenience for those attending from several time zones away is getting up earlier or staying up later, but there is no jet lag.

Schedules can change

We know that people’s schedules can, and often do, change. That’s another exciting benefit of the online classes, and the fact that we have so many of them. We conducted 46 sets of CAPS classes in 2021 and have 43 slated for 2022. When a date doesn’t work out at the last minute because that day off didn’t happen, family requirements, illness, or other issues, it’s easy to reschedule to a future class date.

Attending the in-person classes requires a commitment of time and resources. Attending online generally only requires the time. When a time that was scheduled no longer seems to work, it’s not difficult to shift to another date.

A big win

Entering a full year of conducting classes in this online-only format may have some people wondering how well it would work. All I can say is that it has exceeded expectations and met every challenge and overcome it.

We are excited about continuing to offer the CAPS and other classes in the online-only format throughout 2022 and hopefully indefinitely beyond that.

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