“End Of Year Tasks For Aging In Place Professionals”


As we wave goodbye to the year 2021, 2022 is quickly coming into view. We need to be ready for it by accomplishing some last-minute items now. There is so little time to do so.

Taking care of business

The days go by, and as they do, the months and the years do as well. We have come to end of another calendar year. 2022 is set to begin momentarily.

There are all types of annual commemorations – birthdays, starting a job, purchasing a home or car, relationships, and more – that we call anniversaries. However, we are ready to recognize an anniversary that controls all of the others – a brand new year.

Before that chronometer changes from 2021 to 2022, we need to take a look at a few things: (1) what still needs to be accomplished in 2021 with a 2021 completion date attached to it, (2) what can we defer to 2022 so we can focus on the most pressing tasks to complete in 2021, and (3) what activities and resources do we need to identify to position us for success in 2022?

Things we can control

There are many things in life and business that are beyond our control, but several that we can manage effectively. For instance, the adjustments that we have had to make in response to the COVID outbreak and the trickle-down from it such as supply chain issues, product shortages, and inflation are outside of our direct control. How we respond to them and work with them is very much within our realm.

Other illnesses and injuries – to us, family, employees, subcontractors, and clients – also affect how we can perform our jobs, get paid, and continue to market ourselves.

Preparation is another huge item that we can control. How ready are we to move forward in our marketplace to secure new engagements and complete those we already have obtained? How are people going to learn about what we do, who we are, and how to contact us? Do we need to adjust our product or service offerings for the new year to be more responsive to the needs of the marketplace?

One last push

As we muster one final push to take us across the finish line of 2021 and body cross the starting line of 2022, what is that going to look like for us? We each need to determine this for ourselves, our businesses, our marketplace, and our existing and future clientele.

There are many resources available – such as websites, social media, interpersonal connections, mastermind groups, referrals, and advertising – to help us let people know that we are available to help them. Whatever worked this past year, we can continue. What didn’t work as well can be adjusted or abandoned in favor of a different approach.

Regardless of what 2021 has been – better than we had anticipated or not as good – 2022 is a blank canvas ready to be approached as we like.

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