“The Face Of Aging In Place”

So who are these older-looking people and how did they turn from their younger selves into what we see now? We all are aging so it’s how well we are prepared to deal with it that makes a difference.

That face in the mirror

As we are remaining in our homes, for however long that might be, we are aging in place. Some of us may have started long ago, and others of us may have begun relatively recently.

Want to know who is aging in place? Look in the bathroom mirror. We are the ones. All of us. This is why aging in place is such a great topic of conversation and action. It affects all of us.

Not everyone will choose to act to improve their home situation, but all of us are affected to some degree.

It’s personal

Aging in place is personal. Oh sure, it affects our neighbors and people that we don’t know also, but it impacts us and our families. After we move from the parameters of our own homes to those of our neighbors and clients, aging in place affects everyone else – some more equipped to live with aging issues than others.

Looking around us in our own homes, we must feel safe. We must be comfortable. We must believe that we will live well within the walls of our home and that we will be insulated from outside factors. This idea is not just for us for everyone.

Getting involved

As we are looking at that face in the mirror, are we noticing little changes that might suggest we need to make some changes in our living environment to provide better outcomes? Is our vision deteriorating a little, or are we noticing changes in muscle tone? Are we not standing as erect as we once did, or is our balance a little weaker?

Now is the time to get involved in helping ourselves, and by extension, those around us. The aging process does not take a holiday. It remains active. We have to intentionally stay even with it, or its impact will be noticed.

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