“Aging In Place Is Found At Home”

This couple is enjoying their home of choice as they enjoy aging in place with a cup of coffee in hand as they sit on the floor by their fireplace in a casual, comfortable setting for themselves.

What aging in place is

Aging in place means that people plan on remaining in their long-term or permanent home of choice for quite possibly the rest of their lives, and our role as aging in place specialists is to help them do just that.

Aging in place is strictly a residential focus. It has no basis at the workplace, airport, recreational venues, public transportation, or anyplace else. There are universal design strategies for making those other place accessible and safe to use and be in, but aging in place is strictly a personal and individual focus on where people live – their homes.

Why we call it “home”

We call where live our home, and the word “home” is such a powerful one. It makes us happy to return to it when we have been away. It provides a sanctuary for us from the outside world. It’s where we can be ourselves and be with family members, pets, and our favorite items. We can shut out the world as much or as little as we like.

A home is foundational to our lives. It is an anchor, a place we can leave and return, and something personal where we can enjoy our private space and moments away from anyone else. Whenever we leave, we know that it will always be there for us when we return in a few minutes, hours, or days.

Many people regard their home as an old friend and derive happiness from being with their long-term companion. Working with them to maintain that relationship with their home – and the many memories it represents from living there – is important to them and to us.

No matter the age or the physical condition of the home that people have presently, or even the architectural style, we know that people want to hang onto and remain living in their present homes. We get to help them do that.

Recent events highlighted aging in place

When the pandemic occurred, some people already were preparing to age in place, and many others were already committed to doing so. However, many others who perhaps had not given the idea serious consideration found that they could live in their homes indefinitely and be happy doing so. They didn’t have much time to prepare anything so they began where they were.

Now, the idea of remaining in place over time makes more sense to them because they have experienced it. Their home may need a few tweaks and adjustments – that’s where we can help – but people are preparing (if not already there) to age in place where they are and to remain at home.

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