“The Home Is The Constant In Aging In Place”

This neighborhood provides a variety of benefits to their occupants and the peace of mind of knowing that the residents can return each night or remain throughout the day in comfortable surroundings.

Homes come in many styles

Whether we are renters or owners, our homes come in many sizes and styles – single or multiple stories, with and without basements – and they have one thing in common. They are where we spend our personal time – the time when we are not working, shopping, playing, or doing other activities away from where we live.

We may work outside the home – although some of us have adjusted this in the past couple of years as some office locations are open on reduced or staggered hours. Some people are just working from home with an electronic tether to their fixed office someplace else. Some have adjusted to the changing economic scenery and work exclusively from home. Others are retired from the workforce.

Still, our home is our constant. It’s a place we can return to every day, or remain in, that offers us a base. It’s our protection from the world around us.

Our homes are our base

At some point in the past, from rather fairly recently or decades ago, we found our current home and decided that it worked for us to accommodate the lifestyle we intended for ourselves and our families. We all did this – us and those we might want to serve. Everyone is now living in a home that they acquired and moved into at some time in the past and are continuing to enjoy what it provides – some more than others.

Our homes provide a sanctuary to insulate and isolate us from the pressures of the world and events occurring outside our property. Therefore, our homes should provide as much physical and emotional comfort to us as possible since they serve as our retreat.

To the extent that someone’s home does not provide the amount of comfort, safety, or security as they would desire, we have the ability to help them modify their dwelling to make it more in line with their needs.

Our homes are the constant

As in a mathematics operation, a constant is something that remains consistent over time. It doesn’t change. In many ways, our homes are the constant for aging in place. While we may make some minor improvements or upgrades to the interior, the basic shell and footprint of the home remain the same. It can be modified, but most people work with what they have rather than expanding the exterior walls that frame their living space.

Additionally, our homes are dependable. We can count on them being there for us and for allowing us to feel secure, safe, and comfortable in them. To the extent that any of this is not occurring, we can step in to help as aging in place professionals.

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