“Aging In Place Is So Simple”

We typically think of aging in place for those who are older, but it applies to any age, and here is a young family who are building a life for themselves in this home that they enjoy and that suits their needs well.

Getting started

There are many opinions and ideas about what it takes to age in place, from making a conscious decision to do so or making improvements to one’s home to facilitate remaining in it effectively. However, all it really takes to age in place is nothing more than doing so.

Where we are living right now, and where we plan on waking up tomorrow morning is where we aging in place.

Obviously, some people are better prepared for the future than others in terms of the quality of their living environment and their overall health situation, but non of us needs to rule our aging in place in our current home unless that home cannot meet our needs or we are not able to function safely within it.

Nothing special required

Aging in place requires nothing special in order to get started. There are no forms to download or secure and complete. There are no government offices to contact. There literally is nothing to do except to continue living in one’s home.

Now, the quality of that long-term living may become an issue, but the act of continuing to live in one’s home long-term requires no advance preparation, no notifications, and nothing else except being willing to remain in one’s home day after day.

Beginning where we are

Since nothing special needs to transpire or be completed prior to aging in place except the ongoing act itself, our challenge is to identify people who are aging in place who recognize that their homes can be safer, more enjoyable, and more accessible for them than they are currently. We want to meet these people, and we want to help them – with an initial evaluation of what we see, an appraisal of what we recommend in improvements, and actual renovations (simple or more elaborate).

Aging in place applies to most people, but not everyone accepts or recognizes that their present home will accommodate their needs over time. Again, this is an area where we can help provide direction, improvements as necessary, and education for their peace of mind to be able to remain in the homes they enjoy long-term.

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