“On Being A High-Quality Aging In Place Specialist”

Baseball players are expected to make contact with the ball and put it safely into play. We expect to see this when we pay money to watch the game. Likewise, as CAPS professionals, we should be tops in our field.

It starts with knowledge

As a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS), we may have other credentials as well such as being a Certified Contractor, Licensed Handyman, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Licensed Architect, Licensed Interior Designer, and many other professional accomplishments and registrations. However, when it comes to working with the homeowner client, the CAPS designation often is the door-opener. They are aware of this designation.

When it comes to contractors, a handyman, electricians, carpenters, designers, therapists, and others, homeowners may not ask about licenses or certifications or assume that everyone is registered to perform the activities that they want to perform.

Thus, the first step in establishing credibility with the public, and to give us a legitimate marketing edge over others wanting to provide such services, is to make sure that we are properly registered or credentialed to do the work we advertise. The next step is to make sure that we are current with our registration. Then we want to make sure that we really are the best candidate for any job we undertake.

Being at the top of our game

Since there are several people that a homeowner might choose from to help them with their home renovations, and we want to be sure that they engage us because of the quality work we know we will provide and the way we will help them feel comfortable in having us in their home, we must be at the top of our game. This comes from knowing our business and from constant practice.

Even though we don’t pay radio, TV, or online meteorologists personally (although by watching them we indirectly contribute to their livelihood), we have a favorite that we feel does the best job of getting their predictions right more than their competition. We follow that person.

In professional baseball, for those who may follow it or be familiar with it, the players are paid handsome amounts for an acceptable by relatively mediocre performance. We go to ball games to see players hit the ball and score runs. Of course, the defense is paid to prevent that. Nevertheless, the average batter is only successful in hitting the ball safely about 30% of the time. The rest of the time, they hit into an out or strikeout.

While some players did hit safely a little over 30% of the time last season, the best average was just under one-third at .328. In the past four seasons, the average for the entire Major League Baseball was roughly .25 or one-quarter successful.

Accepting the challenge

As CAPS professionals, we have to be ready to do our homework to remain current with building codes and be knowledgeable about product choices that we might suggest or discuss with a client, complete the assignments on time and to the client’s satisfaction, and be able to feel that we are performing at a top-level.

While we don’t have a published or scrutinized batting average like professional baseball players, we can be batting 1.000 (one thousand) with our clients if we strive to do so. Also, referrals are born from this type of performance and commitment to excellence.

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