“Where Is My CAPS Certification Recognized?”

Using the online format, you can take the CAPS Classes or other aging in place programs in a real-time, interactive format where you are and gain your certification to begin using your newfound knowledge.

Begin where you are

Now that you have your Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) designation, or you are in the process of getting it soon, you might be wondering where you can use it and what other registrations you might need before getting started to market yourself to the public.

CAPS is widely recognized and quite beneficial to have, and the good news is that it doesn’t matter where in the world you live to use your training to help people. While originally a United States designation, it has gained acceptance in Canada and in many other countries and regions of the world. It is accepted in your state (or place of residence) without needing to do anything special for anyone to recognize your achievement and skill set.

Your CAPS is automatically valid everywhere you are – in every state and in many other nations. This is true even if you move, travel, or work in several parts of the country (or even internationally). There is nothing for you to do. There is no registration to obtain or complete after you obtain your official CAPS designation from NAHB – other than what may be required as a local business license.

No registrations or licenses required

Once you have received your CAPS designation, use it. It is recognized in your home city or state without doing anything additional. Nationally and internationally, the designation is strong. Once it is earned and maintained annually, it is solid.

You may have to do an annual registration for your profession or renew a professional license periodically, but your CAPS is good as long as you pay your annual renewal to NAHB and complete your 4 hours of CE (the current requirement). Again, comply with local authorities for a business license, but this has nothing to do with your designation.

Wherever you are, your CAPS is also

Talk about portability. Wherever you are living or working – even if you travel between office locations or have a business that works in different markets throughout the year, your CAPS designation will follow you to those locations. It is recognized everywhere you are.

While it may not be explicitly recognized by your locality, it doesn’t need to be. It counts just the same. It is an educational attainment that is relevant because you earned it.

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