“Aging In Place Specialist Classes, A 3-Year Journey”

We are celebrating 3 years of teaching only online CAPS and similar classes for aging in place professionals and have been able to accommodate even more people from many professions and parts of the world

The big reset

Three years ago, in March 2020, we completed the last of our on-site CAPS classes. The world was preparing for hibernation. So, we transitioned, along with many other businesses, into an online-only zoom format delivery of our courses. It has been remarkably successful!

We have been able to schedule courses more frequently and have had people attend from every state, many provinces, and a dozen foreign countries – across a range of time zones.

Numerous benefits

The obvious benefit for us is that we don’t have to spend time traveling to and from airports, hotels, and venues as well as the actual time spent in the air.

For those attending our classes:

-There is no need to travel to the destination where the classes will be held

-No building in extra commuting time to allow for traffic delays, finding a parking spot, and locating the meeting room – just sit down in front of your computer and attend the class

-When the class is done, there is no traffic to contend with to get back home

-If you want to be invisible for any reason, you can hide yourself from the rest of the class

-You are in totally familiar surroundings – a chair and computer, a kitchen, and bathroom that you use all the time that is immediately accessible

-If you need to attend to a child, parent, pet, or others in your household, you are there to do so while attending the class at the same time

-To see the material better, you can sit closer to your monitor, and to hear it better, you can adjust your speakers – there is no one blocking your view either

-It creates an informal atmosphere that is conducive to learning and interacting with each other

-And even more than this …

See for yourself

Classes are scheduled every week. Visit https://www.stevehoffacker.com/caps-schedule/ to find dates and classes to attend and register there as well. We offer all 3 CAPS classes each time and Universal Design Essentials and “Beyond Your CAPS” every few weeks

If you’ve already completed the three CAPS classes, there are others that you can take – and more will be added during the year.

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