Would You Like To Earn Your Certified Aging In Place Designation?

Your CAPS training awaits – it’s ready to load onto your computer, tablet, or phone for you to get started on a great educational program. It’s waiting on you to begin.

It’s not difficult to do

Anyone with any amount of interest in learning about how people age (get older) and how to accommodate those needs by allowing people to remain in their home of choice (typically where they have been residing) is a great candidate for obtaining the CAPS designation.

You do not need to be a builder or have any construction experience or knowledge – you can team up with contractors or remodelers for specific projects if there is building involved. You don’t need any other type of knowledge either. Just come as you are with your level of work experience and desire.

Since the classes are totally online, but not pre-recorded, you can attend from a very comfortable environment and have the best seat in the room. There is no one else to compete with for volume or view.

Take the three days of classes on consecutive days, or split them up to match your schedule. Everyone takes the same three classes with no credit or exemption for previous education or skills, and that’s it except for a short registration application once the classes are completed.

Even if you are concerned about taking a class because it’s been many years since you were in a classroom or you have reading comprehension or language challenges, you should be fine.

What can you do with your Certified Aging In Place designation?

Notice that this is a designation program and not an educational degree or vocational training program. When you are done, you are free to use your newfound knowledge and information in a variety of ways – on your own, with a partner, by working with a company that needs your help and expertise, or in other ways as well.

For a brief but detailed explanation of directions for your CAPS training once you have completed it, you might like to enroll in my half-day program called “Beyond Your CAPS: What’s Next?” In this program, we explore a few dozen opportunities for you to start a business venture or grow something you might already be doing.

Since the population, in general, is getting older and not younger, the opportunities to help people abound. There is an increasing need to serve people who want to remain safe and comfortable in their home environment.

Getting started on your certification

To get started, simply enroll in one or more classes – it takes three classes, but they do not have to be taken as a block. Many people divide them up into one a week or even one a month. To see what is available for the remainder of the year and to get started, visit https://www.stevehoffacker.com/caps-schedule/.

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