“Anyone Can Attend Our Certified Aging In Place Specialist Classes”

The physical constraints of the meeting venue are irrelevant since you are attending the CAPS classes from your home or another familiar place that is both accessible and comfortable for you.

No worries about the meeting room

Since you will be attending our classes from the comfort of your home (in many cases) or your office, you know the logistics of getting to your computer and logging onto the class. There are no flights or hotel rooms to book, no long drives over unfamiliar routes, no parking issues, and no concerns of what you will experience once you arrive.

Getting to the actual meeting room is not part of the experience since you won’t be concerned with finding the actual location, getting a place to park, dealing with the weather on inclement or very windy days, and getting to the actual room itself (if there are stairs, elevators, or narrow doorways involved).

Taking the class will be pleasurable as well since there is no concern about getting a comfortable seat, being close enough to the presentation to see it well, having the volume adjusted for our needs, and not having anyone’s head in front of us partially obscuring our view. You can participate on your laptop or phone if you like.

Because the classes are online in real-time, you can be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where we are, and it’s as if we are in the same room together. You can even attend from other countries. The possible difference in time zones would be your only challenge.

Special needs are factored in

If you are attending the meeting from your wheelchair or from a reclined position (from a recent injury or surgery), if you are caring for a newborn, preschooler, or an elderly parent, if the kids are home from school (snow day, illness, scheduled off day, or early dismissal), if your pets are wanting screen time or demanding your attention, if you have a delivery or service call (expected or not), if you need to change your position (standing for instance), or other issues that can occur in a home environment, there are no special arrangements that need to be made.

You are in total control of how you attend the classes and participate.

Scheduling is easy also

The CAPS classes require 3-sessions (days) to complete, but they do not have to be taken on consecutive days if it is more convenient for you to split them up or if you encounter a scheduling change. It is recommended that they be taken in numerical order since the classes build upon each other, but scheduling changes or breaks between them are permissible.

If something unexpected happens and a class you were scheduled to attend, even if it is about to begin or even underway, you can reschedule your attendance to another date. Since we have classes every week, there are plenty of rescheduling possibilities.

The same is true about attending our one-day classes in terms of moving your scheduled class date.

Advance planning is great – some people register months in advance just to know that it is on their schedule and that they are committed to attending. However, some people literally make up their mind to enroll at the last minute. We are flexible.


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