“Aging In Place Is Becoming More Mainstream”

This senior couple is happy with their aging in place lifestyle as they remain in their long-term home of choice.

No dictionary required

It wasn’t that long ago when we were discussing aging in place issues or using that specific term that we would need to explain what we were talking about. Someone might ask about what we do – a common exchange when meeting someone new – and we would need to go into a more lengthy explanation of how we help people stay in their homes safely and comfortably as they get older. The more succinct answer of helping people age in place wouldn’t convey enough information.

Now, when we mention that we are an aging in place specialist or that we help people age in place, there is much more recognition of what we might mean – at least it seems so. Many people have begun dealing with such issues themselves or with family members. It certainly is a timely topic – and becoming even more so.

Even though someone may not understand or appreciate exactly what it is that we do, it’s nice to start getting some identity in the marketplace.

A perfect storm situation

There are several factors that are contributing to an increased interest in remaining in one’s current home and aging in place, not the least of which is the Boomer market.

As well, a few years ago, we dealt with the Covid crisis, and most people found themselves confined to their homes for most of the day – workplace locations, restaurants, theatres, and most other types of public accommodations were not open. We found our homes to be safe havens for us, although many of us likely had not thought of them in that way prior to the shutdowns.

As such, people got the chance to become intimately acquainted with their living environments, and many were pleasantly surprised that they liked what they saw.

Adding to this new-found friendship and appreciation for our current homes, the real estate market is cooperating in its own way with a large shortage of available homes to consider – even if a move was desirable.

Thus, our present homes are even more attractive to us.

A perfect time for certification

Knowing that people are overwhelmingly liking their current homes and neighborhoods and that they want to remain residing there, we have a great opportunity to become the “go-to” resource for any of them who need help or advice on how to make their lives more enjoyable and safe over time.

The CAPS (“Certified Aging In Place Specialist”) designation is a great step for helping people to get the most of using their current homes. We learn about safety, egress and ingress, controls, kitchen layouts, bath fixtures, lighting, and other important components of their living space.

Many professionals already have their CAPS designation and are using it. For those who would like to take this important next step, classes are held every week, with 3 classes required to obtain the certification.

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