“Aging-In-Place Needn’t Be Elaborate”

Remodeling can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it. It can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, new curtains or blinds, a new piece of furniture, new chair rail or door trim, a new faceplate on light switches, a new faucet, or so many other simple-to-do, relatively… Read more »

“The Digital Age Is Perfect For Universal Design”

So many things that we use today are digital in their nature, such as cell phones, TVs, clocks, appliances, and thermostats. Very few items that we use are analog anymore. Thus, the term “digital age” certainly seems to apply. With the coming, and now arrival, of so many digital products, aging in place has become… Read more »

“The Best Thing About Universal Design …”

There are many great attributes of universal design. It serves the needs of the majority of the population just the way they are right now (and the way they may become as they age) without taking into account how tall they are, how mobile they might be, how much physical strength or ability they might… Read more »

“Coffee Continues To Gain High Marks”

The positive effects of drinking coffee continue to mount, and the lifelong benefits of using coffee are being demonstrated. There are many positive aspects, and the list of attributes is growing. It seems that every time a research study is undertaken to point out why drinking coffee is bad or that people should restrict their… Read more »

“At What Age Does ‘Aging-In-Place’ Begin?”

Ever wonder when “aging in place” or an aging in place emphasis actually begins. Is there a certain age for people when thoughts of aging in place become more important than at an earlier time in their lives? Is there something that needs to happen first? The interesting thing about aging in place is that… Read more »

“Two-Day Universal Design Course Teaches The Basics Of Effective Layouts”

The first Universal Design/Build course of 2016, offered through the NAHB’s University of Housing, is scheduled for tomorrow and Friday in West Palm Beach. This two-day course is being offered several others times this year as well. Check the schedule to see future dates. This course complements the coursework and designation program of the “CAPS” (Certified Aging… Read more »