“Remember When We Couldn’t Wait To Get Older?”

Think back to when we were young – very young. For some of us, that journey has a few more miles on it. Do you remember wanting to be old enough to start school – not preschool, which maybe didn’t even exist where you were living at the time – but actual kindergarten or first… Read more »

“Isn’t There A Better Name For Aging-In-Place?”

When people first hear about aging in place – especially those who are not at the age when they consider aging in place to officially begin – they are put off by the name, term, or description. After all, who wants to age? Actually, many people do. That’s why the entire movement is so widespread… Read more »

“Sharing Your CAPS Story With Your Customers”

You pursued and received your CAPS designation to gain knowledge and insight on how to provide solutions, products, and services for people of any age or ability that might be interested in renovating their living space and making it more comfortable, convenient, accessible, and safer. Now you need to make sure that the people who… Read more »