“Accessible Means More Than Just Coming And Going”

When we hear the term “accessible,” we tend to think of it applying to whether someone can get in or out of a home easily. That certainly is one aspect of it, but there are other considerations that are equally important to keep in mind as we talk about universal design and aging in place…. Read more »

“Aging-In-Place Isn’t Just For Seniors”

You may remember when growing up that there were certain milestones that either signaled the end of a particular benefit or that meant you were eligible for something you were looking forward to doing. For instance, being 5 or 6 years old was old enough to start school, another age meant being able to play… Read more »

“What Makes Us So Special?”

Ever ask yourself what makes you so special – professionally, that is, and in a market segmentation or customer appeal sense? If you can’t think of anything that really separates, sets you apart, or differentiates you from your competition, or if you have to work real hard to come up with something, how do you… Read more »

“Two Areas Where Product Advances Have Served Universal Design Well – Part II”

As we talked about last time, there have been many areas of home decor, features, components, and design that have witnessed major changes in the past few years, and the two topping the list, in my estimation, as the most significant are flooring and lighting. We already discussed flooring, so now let’s look at lighting. For many years, incandescent… Read more »

“Aging-In-Place Needn’t Be Elaborate”

Remodeling can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it. It can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, new curtains or blinds, a new piece of furniture, new chair rail or door trim, a new faceplate on light switches, a new faucet, or so many other simple-to-do, relatively… Read more »

“The Digital Age Is Perfect For Universal Design”

So many things that we use today are digital in their nature, such as cell phones, TVs, clocks, appliances, and thermostats. Very few items that we use are analog anymore. Thus, the term “digital age” certainly seems to apply. With the coming, and now arrival, of so many digital products, aging in place has become… Read more »

“The Best Thing About Universal Design …”

There are many great attributes of universal design. It serves the needs of the majority of the population just the way they are right now (and the way they may become as they age) without taking into account how tall they are, how mobile they might be, how much physical strength or ability they might… Read more »

“Coffee Continues To Gain High Marks”

The positive effects of drinking coffee continue to mount, and the lifelong benefits of using coffee are being demonstrated. There are many positive aspects, and the list of attributes is growing. It seems that every time a research study is undertaken to point out why drinking coffee is bad or that people should restrict their… Read more »