“Occupational Therapists (OTs and COTAs) Have Been Doing Aging In Place Longer Than We Have”

Last year (2018) the American Occupational Association (AOTA) celebrated its century milestone. That one-hundredth birthday means that their members have been providing home assessment, modification, and consultation services for longer than we have been thinking of aging in place as a specific discipline – a lot longer. It’s appropriate that we acknowledge and talk about… Read more »

“Aging In Place As A ‘Go-No-Go’ Decision”

In business, many of us are familiar with the expression of “go-no-go” as it applies to deciding whether to approach or embrace a particular opportunity, pursue a specific client, align ourselves with a course of action or other business, and other directions that can affect the outcome and performance of our business. We are faced… Read more »

“Removing Potential Anxiety About Aging In Place Concerns”

Aging in place should be a carefully considered decision that once made casts aside all doubt, worry, and concern. It removes anxiety about the future in terms of housing opportunities or where someone should be living. It should provide comfort to people as they remain in their homes because one of life’s basis and essential… Read more »

“Simple Aging In Place Fixes For Budgets Of Any Size”

As is true with many things in life, the more financial means that someone has, the more choices and flexibility they have in making choices. Making home improvements and selecting finishes, appliances, components, and designs are no different. The larger the budget, the more that can be done. However, this does not preclude smaller budgets… Read more »