“Taking Your Aging In Place Training To The Next Level”

This “Beyond Your CAPS: What’s Next?” class provides direction and ideas for you to share your expertise with the marketplace and discover new ways to make an impact with your knowledge.


Add power to your CAPS training

So you took your three-day Certified Aging In Place Specialist (“CAPS”) training, and now what happens? Maybe you needed it to add credibility to work you already were doing or planning, possibly your employers required that you obtain it, perhaps you just wanted to know more about this field, or it’s possible that you are exploring new directions of service and thought this would open some doors or provide direction for you.

All of those reasons are valid, and there are other equally strong reasons for wanting to obtain your CAPS designation. Maybe you weren’t sure exactly what you wanted to do with your training, but you fel t that it was a good idea to go ahead and complete it.

This is why I prepared this half-day program entitled “’Beyond Your CAPS: What’s Next?’℠ Dozens Of Ways To Make Money Or Add Value As A CAPS Professional

A half-day class created for CAPS professionals

Everyone is getting older. We are aging – with or without any special considerations or limiting conditions. None of us are excluded, and we want to use what we are learning in the process, along with our professional expertise, to help others have a more enjoyable aging in place experience.

There are many programs and products we can offer to assist the marketplace. Some are more obvious than others, but all are valid responses to what has called us to be aging in place specialists.

If you’ve taken your Certified Aging In Place Specialist “CAPS” designation program (at least one of the classes but hopefully all three of them), you may be asking yourself what’s next? You’re wondering what else can you do to make money and serve more people? Contractors and others in construction obviously can make money with home modifications, but what about the rest of us?

Yes, there is more than just the CAPS certification

Is this all there is, or is there more? This is a common question when people take the CAPS certification coursework. It’s what led to the creation of this course – and there will be more courses created and offered in the future. Over the past few years, I have been answering the question, in various ways, of what non-construction professionals can do to make money as a CAPS professional. Home assessments often come to mind, but is there enough money to be made just doing this? And is there something else that can be done?

Of course, it depends on whether you want to do something to replace or create a full-time income, or if you want it to be supplemental to an existing position or something to supply a side income. There are several programs that will accommodate each objective.

Topics presented in this course

This course discusses different ways to conduct, complete, and contract for home assessments, additional ways to participate in residential designs – working with builders, building designers, and consumers. ways to interact with and assist the client in and around their home, strategies for helping people have a more organized, safer, comfortable, and convenient home, working with people with special needs or requirements, collaborating with other professionals to deliver aging in place solutions, having an impact in the general marketplace, and additional ways to help seniors live in their homes more comfortably.

Course format

This course qualifies for 4.0 CEUs for NKBA and possibly others also. It is delivered online in a half-day, four-hour Zoom format as a PowerPoint presentation with real-time interaction and opportunity for questions and answers. Even though it is just a half-day program, there will be breaks.

The fee for the class is $179 USD for anyone who has taken one of Steve’s classes at some point in the past (CAPS, Universal Design, or Sales & Marketing) and $199 USD for those who have not attended one of Steve’s courses previously.

At the end of this class, you will have dozens of ideas on how you can use your knowledge obtained through the CAPS education program, along with other skills you may have, to serve the aging in place population in several different ways. You can do this as part of your current business or position, create a part-time opportunity without leaving your current situation, or venture out on your own (now or as you transition from what you have been doing).

Regardless, you will have many ways of impacting the lives of those you want to serve and the potential to involve several others to assist you in your efforts as employees, strategic partners, or independent contractors.

This program is strictly educational in nature. Steve will not be selling any products or consulting services during the class although he is available for such discussions outside of the course.

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