“Perspective, Empathy, & Aging In Place Solutions”

Our perspective can change so much about what we experience in life. Ever go to a play or movie and sit behind someone who partially blocks our view? We don’t get to experience as much or to receive it unfiltered. We may have to interpolate to fill in some of the missing elements. At the… Read more »

“People Age In Place Because They Like Their Homes”

Aging in place has been growing in popularity in recent years for several reasons, but mostly because people enjoy their homes and want to remain living in them. Those same homes might not appeal to us, but that is not important. They don’t need to do this. This is not a general popularity contest but… Read more »

“Making An Aging In Place Sale Is Quite Simple”

Sales often can be as hard or as easy as we choose them to be. Our attitude and the process we use, as well as the way we approach them,  can help determine the difficulty we find in making a presentation and attempting to close a sale. That’s the case with most products and services,… Read more »

“Aging In Place Safety Concerns In The Kitchen”

Families around the world – not just in America or Canada – spend a lot of their at-home waking hours in the kitchen. It is where meals are prepared and served. Many people gather there, eat or snack there, and even park in front of the opened door refrigerator for inspiration on something to eat…. Read more »

“Making Our Aging In Place Websites Work For Us”

Today, almost every business has a web address and a website. This wasn’t always the case, but they are so easy to get and create that nearly every business has a registered domain name even if they haven’t added any content to their page or activated a site. It’s no different for any of us… Read more »