“More Aging In Place Concerns For Safety In The Bathroom”

As we conclude our observance of “National Bath Safety Month,” there are a few other considerations, issues, or concerns that we haven’t discussed. We’ve looked at several, but there still are others. We’ve talked about the obvious concerns that stem from the tendency of the flooring and porcelain surfaces to be slippery – especially when wet, those… Read more »

“Aging In Place & Safety In The Bath”

The month of January has been designated as National Bath Safety Month, but how do we instill everything we want people to be aware of as far as remaining safe in their bathrooms in just a month’s time? Seems like we should have a least a year devoted to this critical pursuit. Bathroom safety is an… Read more »

“Salesmanship 101 For Working With Aging In Place Clients”

Nothing happens in any successful business until a sale is made. Providing aging in place services is no different. We might be providing interior design services. We might be doing renovations to the kitchen, bath, entrance, or other areas of the home. We could be completing room additions or finishing a basement or garage for… Read more »