“Aging In Place Solutions From The Top To The Bottom”

Aging in place solutions – those we create to allow people to continue living in their present homes effectively and successfully over the long-term – have many components to them. None are more important for safety, comfort, convenience, and accessibility – the big four of solutions – than lighting. Flooring also is extremely important. Hence,… Read more »

“National Remodeling Month & Aging In Place Renovations”

It’s that time again. Each May, we celebrate “National Remodeling Month.” What a perfect tie-in to aging in place renovations. Some years, comparing purchasing a new home or having one built, acquiring an existing pre-owned home, or remaining in place with or withourt any renovations, the nod goes goes to new construction because new homes… Read more »

“Occupational Therapists (OTs and COTAs) Have Been Doing Aging In Place Longer Than We Have”

Last year (2018) the American Occupational Association (AOTA) celebrated its century milestone. That one-hundredth birthday means that their members have been providing home assessment, modification, and consultation services for longer than we have been thinking of aging in place as a specific discipline – a lot longer. It’s appropriate that we acknowledge and talk about… Read more »

“Aging In Place As A ‘Go-No-Go’ Decision”

In business, many of us are familiar with the expression of “go-no-go” as it applies to deciding whether to approach or embrace a particular opportunity, pursue a specific client, align ourselves with a course of action or other business, and other directions that can affect the outcome and performance of our business. We are faced… Read more »