“Our Sense of Smell Can Change As We Age In Place”

Some of us are born with a heightened sense of one sensory ability, while others of us are more limited or challenged. Some have excellent eyesight that may extend over their entire lifetime and never require corrective lenses or even cheaters or reading glasses to help them see or read better. Others are going to… Read more »

“The Open Kitchen Concept & Aging In Place”

The so-called open concept in home design is a common idea in discussing, shopping for, and looking at homes to build, purchase, or renovate. TV design and renovation shows, real estate agents, builders, consumers, and online articles are abuzz with this term. However, what exactly is it, and how does it relate to aging in… Read more »

“Aging In Place Is Not A Specific Event”

Don’t look for aging in place to be an observable or notable event or episode. This is not something that happens that we record on our calendar to be celebrated after that on the anniversary of its occurring. It is much more subtle and fluid rather than a specific event. Instead of being an observable… Read more »

“Our Eyesight & Aging In Place”

  One of our basic senses that we may be tempted to take as a given and therefore not give it that much thought – until there is an issue – is our eyesight, also known as vision. Used in this way, vision means our ability to see and perceive visual impressions of what is… Read more »